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What is LifeStyle Fitness…

We talked a little bit about this in the Blog post titled “Lifestyle Diet” but the diet part of life is only a part of what it takes to get Real Results! So here we are talking about how to have a Fit Lifestyle that will let you achieve all of the Goals you have been trying to achieve throughout the years. By now you know my approach to Real Fitness is a Day by Day approach that will let you achieve your desired Results and let you keep your sanity all at the same time! Far too many people expect to dramatically change their physical appearance over the course of a month or two and when they don’t see those drastic results all they are left with are very little Fitness results, a bruised ego, and a definite desire to not do that again. Consequently they end up quitting:( It’s sad for me to see all the gyms around the country fill up for January, some of February, but come March 70% of those newbies are gone and by May almost all of the people with all of those New Years Resolutions have vanished:( It really breaks my heart because I know what it is like to see people’s lives drastically change for the better after applying solid Fitness & Diet principles. Honestly that is why I do what I do…I am Called to help people achieve things they never thought they could achieve! Remember too you can get all my latest Fitness Tips & Tricks by signing up for the FwA Email List, which you can do on the front page of my website: All you have to do if fill in your name and email in the box on the right on the front page 🙂

Now how do we buck the trend and get people seeing Real Results! and not quitting after a few months of trying to get Fit? It’s actually quite simple…let’s just approach Fitness the same way we would a successful career in academia. Weird right! And Yes I like to use analogies. Think about it, if you wanted to become a college professor and that was your life’s passion at age 16 what would you do to get there? Would you walk into Harvard University and explain to them that you are going to “try really hard” for a few months and expect to be a tenured professor at their university? NO….that’s just plain crazy! First of all you would focus on getting really good grades in high school, then go to a pretty good or hopefully very good university, and get really good grades there too. After undergraduate school it’s off to graduate school, this time it has to be a pretty prestigious one and of course you have to get really good grades there too. Finally it’s getting accepted into a good Ph.D program and writing a thesis centered around the subject you want to teach at Harvard or whatever school you want to teach at. There you have it! Years of premeditated and hard work BUT there is also going to be a LOT of fun to be had in that experience!!! So please don’t hear me say that achieving your Fitness goals will take 10 years or grueling work…that is NOT the case! I use the college professor analogy to show that true Fitness is not an overnight or a couple of months thing to see Real Life Changing and Sustainable Fitness Results. It takes a Lifestyle that is deliberately focused on reaching that Goal of losing 30 pounds, adding 10 pounds of muscle, or decreasing your body fat percentage by 15%.

Having a Lifestyle of Fitness is something you don’t just jump into and expect to see drastic results overnight. It’s a life that you choose to live every day that you wake up. Most importantly though it’s about HAVING FUN DURING THE PROCESS!!! You think the guy/gal that went through all that school to become a college professor hated their life? Of course they are going to have to study and take tests but as a college graduate myself I remember how FUN college was and how many memories I built during those 4 years. It’s the exact same with your Lifestyle of Fitness! It’s a process and you can honestly enjoy that process, as a matter of fact I am Strongly suggesting that you enjoy the process:) You will see some Amazing Results and get to know some Amazing people along the way:) We are all in this together right!

In closing please feel comfortable living a life built around Fitness that is full of failure, getting back up, growing in the process, and ultimately achieving your very own Real Results! You can Do It…I Promise!!!

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Thanks so much for being here and Until Next Time…

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