How to get Lean & Strong!

Coffee really is GOOD for you…

It’s funny because ALL of my clients respond the exact same why when I tell them to drink coffee in order to lose weight, be healthier, and ultimately live a longer life. Their jaws drop, their eyes open wide, and they astonishedly utter the word; “Really???” YES it’s true coffee actually makes you Healthier!!!

Coffee gets such a bad rap in our culture because there is this very weird and powerfully persuasive idea in everybody’s head that anything that tastes good and makes you feel better has to be bad for you. It’s such a prominent issue with everyone that talks to me about Fitness & Dieting that I literally have to attempt to reprogram how people think about Food and Fitness. I don’t use a 1950’s Frankenstein movie contraption to change how they view Real Health, I just methodically go over Fitness & Diet Truths with them over and over again. After awhile people realize that they have been lied to for so long by advertisers and modern media that they get a little pissed off about the whole misconstrued misunderstanding.

Here are a few things that coffee will do for ya;

1- Improve body composition by speeding up your Metabolism

2- Reduce muscle soreness and speed up Muscle Recovery

3- Increase total workout Performance (Length, Intensity, Power, & Strength)

4- Lower the risk of Cancer

5- Improve Cholesterol Health

6- Lower Blood Pressure

Yea Coffee:)!!!

Here’s a little more detail about these bad boy bullet points…

1- Coffee will immediately speed up your Metabolism causing your body to burn fat at a much much faster rate! There are far too many overpriced products out there claiming to boost your metabolism. In all reality ALL of those products use caffeine as their base! It’s crazy because you can get the same or better fat burning results from drinking a cup of coffee as opposed to some expensive supplement product.

2- Your body will go into recovery high gear when you drink coffee. This is very important if you are doing multiple workouts a week and need your body to recover as soon as possible.

3- Whether you Goal is to lose weight while dramatically decreasing your body fat, get super strong, or body build, coffee will absolutely help you! Any results from any one of the previously listed Goals depend on how Intense your work out is. If you are trying to lose body fat and you do a workout that is easy or just slightly difficult, then you are not going to see the results you want. Coffee will help your neural and mental drive so that you are able to do a significantly more challenging workout which will help you reach your Goals much much faster.

4- YES you read that correctly….drinking coffee will lower your risk of getting cancer! Pretty cool huh! There are several studies to prove this claim but the one I want to reference today is from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study that surveyed 498,706 people over a 10 year period. They found that people that drank over 6 cups of coffee a day had a significantly lower likelihood of getting cancer! Like I said there are a host of studies that say essentially the same thing but since this isn’t a college paper I am going to leave this paragraph at that:)

5- It’s the antioxidants in coffee that really do the work of lowering your cholesterol level. What they do is raise your HDL cholesterol level, which is the “Good” cholesterol.

6- Strange to see this on the list right? Especially since we’ve all been there…we drank one to many cups of coffee and consequently we feel wired out of our minds. Yes your blood pressure is shooting through the roof at that moment. But what you really want to pay attention to is the after effects of coffee once the caffeine is metabolized. That’s when your blood pressure will actually lower and hang out at a lower resting rate. Long story short coffee increases the nitric oxide production in the endothelium which ultimately improves the health of your blood vessels. Healthier blood vessels = lower blood pressure = Healthier Heart!

Now the only thing you need to watch out for when you are drinking your coffee is that you don’t drown it in sugar or milk. Yea I know that kinda sucks:( Honestly the research behind this isn’t that in-depth. There definitely is a lot of Results driven research from strength and conditioning professionals to prove that adding sugar to coffee almost completely negates the healthy results BUT those guys in white lab coats still haven’t figured out why this happens. So as Forrest Gump says “That’s all I gotta say about that!

There ya have it! Now drink coffee to your hearts content…just keep the sugar out of it, as much as you can;) Please check out my website at: and sign up for the Email List located in the box on the right of the homepage. That way you can stay up to date on all the latest and greatest from Fitness with Animal!

Until Next Time…

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