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PT client load in FULL & Building a new Animal Business…

Hello Blogosphere and my FwA Peps:) Long time no talk…haha! Well I’m baaaaaack, well sort of….

I spent the last 5 moths doing some marketing and promotional work so I could find some of the most Awesome and Committed peps in Denver to train…and I Found Them:)!!! Currently I have a full client load and unfortunately am not taking on any new peps at this moment. I am solely focused on 2 things in the next 4 months/Q4 quarter.

1) I will be writing a LOT!!! I am not sure of the exact amount of time I will commit each week to writing, but it will be leaps and bounds beyond the amount of time I am currently typing away on my lovely Mac. I used to work for a newspaper in Dallas and was a paid staff writer and that was the last time I was officially “published.” Selfishly I wanna see my name on a magazine or newspaper again…and Soon! Not for pretentious reasons I promise…it was just so Freaking Cool to see “Brent Cameron” on that paper:)

2) I will also be focusing my efforts on developing a Training Program for Personal Trainers. I have a business partner for this particular business and we will be building this puppy together! His name is Josh and he is very very smart! He has a Fitness Blog, website, email list, and many other things that make him a Straight Genius in my world! We will be developing a very detailed, comprehensive, and structured training program for Personal Trainers that want to make a real living helping people achieve All of their Fitness Goals. This project/company is in it’s infancy stages but I will be devoting a LOT of time to this little guy over the next 18 months. (just imagine a 5’9 215 pound guy slowly petting a business…if that is even possible?)

So there ya have it…prepare to have your Minds Blown…that last line was a reference to my little Buddy Jademeister…

Jademeister 2014 (1)


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