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Why I am a Personal Trainer…

Graduating after 6 months of hard training…

So I don’t have parents…my dad was never part of my life and literally stopped talking to me and my Brother when I was 10 years old. My mom was never around, and is no longer a part of my entire family because she is dangerous to myself and my Brothers and Sisters. Growing up was an experience I prefer to not think about. On a positive note I am extremely close to my 2 Brothers and Sister :)!!!

I spent most of my school years in Texas and a little bit other states that focused on child and teenage school athletics. So I basically played a lot of soccer and football. I really wish Texas had wrestling when I was growing up but they didn’t so I just tackled and ran into other kids with pads on a lot 😉 As I got older, the lack of family guidance and my personal bad life decisions caught up to me. I ended up being in some serious trouble. My high school years were few very very difficult years for me. Let’s just say graduating high school was something I didn’t think would happen. Now here’s where this story gets interesting….when I was fresh from being in trouble and making an honest and deliberate effort to not spend a portion or all of my life behind bars I started training 3 times a week with a Personal Trainer!

Imagine an angry and misunderstood 17 year old waking up at 4:30am, drinking a protein shake, going to the gym for an hour, and training as hard as his little 135 pound disheveled body would allow…that was me! I will never forget my trainer Christine as long as I live! She was my Gym Angel as far as I was concerned. She was very serious about pushing me and as a hormone raging 17 year would say; she was Hot 😉

She was the coolest person in the world to me back then! She even had an legitimate bodybuilding boyfriend who was occasionally there and when he was he would talk to me about what it meant to be “serious about Lifting.” I will never forget how cool I thought he was and how Insane it was that he actually took the time to talk to this scrawny little kid about a life of serious training. Christine and her boyfriend literally saved my life back then!!!!!!

Ever since those training sessions began, I knew that I had a choice…I could piss away my life by making bad decisions over and over again OR I could take one day at a time and spend my free time trying to be a better me by Lifting Weights and dealing with all of my pain and anger in that special and therapeutic place called a Gym 🙂 Thank God I chose the latter!

That very lost and struggling 17 year would have never thought he would eventually own his own Personal Training Company, have a low back pain book published, have a Fitness Blog, and have an Fitness & Diet Email List 20 years later…it would have been unfathomable to that lost kid!

So there ya have it! That’s why I do what I do…to give back 🙂 Everyday I go to work and am able to help people and possibly change the course of someone’s life away by steering them away from destructive life patterns and show them that a disciplined life of training can literally save their life! That’s why I do what I do 🙂

You can read more about what I do now at


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