How to get Lean & Strong!

Day by Day, Week by Week, Month by Month….

You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To!

Hello there Fitness with Animal Peps! I Hope your day is Straight Rocking!!!

I am going to talk a little bit about how Real Fitness works. “Real Fitness” as I define it is; “the difficult yet Fun path to a Healthier, more Robust, and absolutely more Productive Life.” Notice I said “the difficult path.” I am not going to sugar coat the obvious; eating bad tastes good, and it is sooooo much easier to sit on the sofa with some tasty ice cream and watch a movie as opposed to spending 30-45 minutes in the Gym. Trust me I know because I myself am a Huge Fan of ice cream and sitting on a sofa with a good movie!

Now we shall discuss the “Fun” part of Real Fitness. It is Fun! Personally I go into the Gym and am only pumped to lift about 30% of the time. That’s not necessarily the “Fun” part for me. The Fun part for me is the Community of people I am constantly exposed to, the Amazing Results I get to see in my life, and honestly just feeling better almost all of the time. When I am eating bad and not lifting, then I am 1,000 times more lethargic:( and not motivated to do anything Productive in the least bit. I end up not doing the Amazing Fitness & Business stuff I love to do, and I am not able to sit down and read ridiculous amounts of amazing books, which I totally Love to do:) I would say for me personally “Just Showing Up” at the Gym and lifting literally makes my life much more Awesome. Now Everybody has their own take on what is Fun for them. Maybe sitting in a coffee shop and reading and writing isn’t your cup of tea but I Promise you that whatever you Love to do in your free time will be a 1,000 percent better, and you will also be easily motivated to do a ton of super Productive things! All you have to do is “Show Up” and spend some quality time in the Gym.

I figure the “Healthier, more Robust, and absolutely more Productive Life” aspect of Real Fitness is pretty straight forward. Real Fitness will allow you to basically live a “More Awesome Life!” And the most amazing part of living a Fit and ultimately a more Awesome lifestyle will be that you will live a vastly more active and healthy life as you age. I tell all of my training peps that real weight lifting is the anti-aging cure that everybody is searching for. There is not a supplement or food known to man that will keep you young and viral the way lifting real weights will! Eating very well will absolutely help you feel younger and slow down the negative effects of aging. But there is nothing in the anti-aging department that rivals or surpasses doing proper Squats, Deadlifts, other compound movements, or doing proper Press & Pull exercises! So if you want to climb mountains, train Jiu Jitsu, or hike around the world in your 90’s start hitting the weights and we can both do all 3 of those things together as we go through our 90’s…Aw Yea!!!

Let’s talk a little bit about our Emotions and how they play into this whole Real Fitness thing. Personally I know when I am feeling super Loved and Cared for Lifting is easy. When I feel depressed, upset, or just drained emotionally I have a very very hard time getting into the Gym. Remember the 30% I was talking about? That 70% of me not wanting to be in the Gym is basically where my emotional self is saying to me, excuse me, I mean screaming at me; “ice cream on the sofa Now!!!” How do I get away from that self destructive inner voice? I do it by living Day by Day, Week by Week, & Month by Month! I don’t think about how many times I didn’t make it into the Gym last week or how I am only going to make it in once or twice this week. I do not concentrate on the past or future b/c they are completely out of my control!!! I could literally be hit by a falling space meteor tomorrow and there would be no more Animal on this earth. I have zero control over the past and the future! Let that sit in your mind for a second… think about how truly Freeing that is:) All you can do RIGHT NOW is make a choice to get Fitter and Healthier, and that’s it! Let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. Let the past be past. You are you literally in the Right Now…what can you do to make your life, at this very moment, Healthier & Fitter? Go to the Gym, ride your bike, take that walk, hike that trail, or whatever it is that you need to do so that your life is Healthier, more Robust, and absolutely more Productive! Now I think Everybody should be in the Gym and doing Real Weight Lifting at least 2, hopefully 3 times a week. So being the Trainer I am, I encourage you to Lift Weights as often as you can so that you will be able to do all the other Fun Fitness and Outdoor stuff you want to do. But most importantly just make that Fitness decision for today, this hour, heck this second and be in a better physical place today…You Can Do It!!!

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