How to get Lean & Strong!

Anaerobic Threshold = Lean & Strong Body!

Getting Buff!

What exactly is Anaerobic Threshold? Technically it is exercise that is so Intense that lactic acid starts to accumulate in the blood at an exponential rate. Basically it is when the body is working so hard that the “burn” in the muscle becomes acutely real and powerfully intense. And as far as this Animal is concerned Anaerobic Threshold Training is exactly what people need in order to get Real Results with their Fitness program! Everybody I train, and yes I mean Everybody, sees Results!!! I tell people this and for some reason they don’t believe me or they think I am exaggerating. Most people that try their own workout program see minimal, to zero, results so I guess they think that because they can’t get results nobody else can either. Today’s short essay is a little window into exactly why ALL of my clients are seeing staggering Fitness Results.

I train everyone of my clients with Anaerobic Threshold in mind…for every single set! I want as much muscle being worked as possible and absolutely as Intensely as possible. For example, I tell people all the time that I don’t believe in doing lame “abdominal” work. Why? Because a crunch is a complete waste of time! So is steady state cardio by the way! Are you Shocked? If so please read my Fitness material and writings and you will learn more about this concept. Now back to how to really train utilizing Anaerobic Threshold. Here is exactly what I want for all of my clients…to get LEAN & STRONG!!! Here’s a Fun Fact for you…I have several 60 year old women who can lift more weight then most 30 year old men. Are they lean you ask…Heck Yea they are!!! If you are wanting to find a workout that is easy and lets you stay comfortably fat and out of shape, then you are definitely reading the wrong guy’s stuff. Ok so why do crunches suck and how should abdominal work should really be done with Anaerobic Threshold in mind. I have ALL of my clients do torso work like “Hip Shoots” and “Hip Switches” so that they are engaging their abdominals in a major way.  So that they are using their abdominals in unison with their entire torso and not in an isolated and lame movement pattern like a “ab crunch.” This means massively better overall muscle activation during the exercise. By themselves the abs are such a small muscle. They are actually classified as a “Flat Muscle.” Which is defined by webster’s dictionary as; “relatively thin and sheetlike.” So it’s flat and not big at all, especially when you compare it to other muscles in the body. Now how much lactic acid can a flat muscle like the abdominal produce by itself? The answer is not much at all, especially when you contrast it to what a gluteus maximus or latimus dorsi can produce. You see if you want to get LEAN & STRONG then you have to work the muscles that will get you there faster and more effectively. That is why doing an ab crunch is pointless! Instead you should be focusing on doing Hip Shoots, Lat Pulldowns, or a Barbell Squat Presses so you can reach that Anaerobic Threshold and start hitting your Goals Today:)

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