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Depression & Dark Days + GYM = Refuge & Relief

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I am not sure how most of you deal with Depression. You know, those days when you can barely get out of bed because of the Deep Sorrow or Darkness in your Soul. Unfortunately a lot of the people on this planet use drugs, alcohol, or other substances to help them deal with their depression, or complete lack of “wanting to live” (as I call it). I hope my words here will help you realize that there is another way for any and all of the negative escape routes from that evil thing called Depression.

You see I struggle with Depression, always have…Yeeeeaaaa life! I’m kidding, it sucks!!! Well the last 4 days has been one of those familiar dark dark periods in my life. They come and they go…unfortunately at their will. And there is really no knowing when they will hit. And sometimes it will lasts for 1 day, sometimes for 2 weeks, but rarely longer then several months…Thank God!

Everybody wants to pretend that life is going Great and they are doing just fine, but it’s a lie. Most people are struggling with something, or someone, and they are walking around with something that they want or need to resolve or suffer through. We aren’t all walking around wounding and destroyed people…but to say that you are “just fine” all of the time is a lie. Life is Hard…for everybody.

Now I am a Jesus loving dude and my personal struggle with Depression absolutely brings me closer to my Lord, and for that I am Thankful 🙂 Now He doesn’t expect me to wallow in my personal pain. It’s not ok to just sit here and say “poor me” and blame God, or the world for my pain. Jesus gives us Blessings that will help carry us through this Fight. There are a TON of things like Friends, Family, Activities, etc that people rely on to help them during the deepest and darkest days of their lives. There is also something that we overlook. This one thing that God gives us as a Blessing is very very easily overlooked. It or more accurately “they” are everywhere, so we become numb to their existence. What I speak of is a Gym…plain and simply a building with weights and people. That’s all you need, and it’s a called a GYM.

You see, I understand the Gym to be a place of Sanctuary & Hope. To be perfectly honest, today is one of those deep and very dark days for me, and it has been like this for the last 4 days. It is a Struggle to get out of bed, or to do anything for that matter. It is just so easy to lay there and think how awful things are in my life and how “wronged” I was by so many people in my sad life. Poor poor me…Bullshit!!! I refuse to sit back and let my feelings dictate my life, more importantly I won’t let “how I feel” guide my day. You know what I do…I force myself to get out of bed, to walk outside, get in my car, and go to the GYM and I Lift Weights!!! And I don’t stop Lifting until I Can’t Move!!! I literally feel the darkness all around my stomach and heart and I just keep hitting those weights!!! This isn’t a game for me….I don’t dare go into the Gym and push around a few weights so I can say I tried. I go in there BROKEN and BEATEN DOWN by life and I JUST LIFT!!! That’s the answer to my Horrible Feelings and my Horrible Thoughts…I LIFT!!! When I am done life doesn’t magically get better BUT it does get just a little bit Easier to make it through this one day. And all I do is repeat that Gym experience, over and over again. And it just gets a fraction better each time and each day. Eventually I wake up and that dark and evil cloud of depression and pain are almost gone…it might still be there, but it’s hardly noticeable and for the first time in many many days or many months I feel ALIVE :)!!!!

I hope that if you are reading this and you are Struggling with Depression, or whatever it is that is Beating you down….that you will understand walking into the Gym won’t solve your problems…..BUT I Promise You that if you walk into that Gym and put EVERYTHING That Is IN YOU Into Your Workout, You Will see that the Gym is a Beautiful Place of Refuge & Respite 🙂

If you have any questions about any of this and want to chat about Workouts and how I design my Programs please just CLICK HERE and fill out the form and we’ll talk…I just wanna Help ya see the Beauty & Peacefulness of this Crazy & Wonderful place called a GYM 🙂

If you need some videos to Help you through the Toughest of Times, here are some links to some Amazing videos I watch pretty much everyday to keep me on track and help me through the lowest of lows:


I hope this helps and if you wanna reach me you can click that link and fill out the form, or you can reach me via my Facebook Page  Thanks so much for reading and I Hope this Helps 🙂

2 Responses to “Depression & Dark Days + GYM = Refuge & Relief”

  1. pinaymoneytalk

    Thank YOU for writing this, just told me I am not the only one. Life can be tough, sometimes you feel everyone is against you and everything is going wrong. I too turn to the gym during these days and murmur I can do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS me. Lifting takes my mind off things and make me realize the blessing of good health and will power.

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    • Fitness with Animal

      Amen pinaymoneytalk!!! When I lift I always repeat these words; “Your Strength, NOT Mine!” That keeps me humble enough to know that whatever amount of weight I lift was done be Jesus gave me the Strength, and I am not doing this stuff “on my own.” Hope that helps ya with your Lifting/Exercise regiment 🙂



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